Allotment to Land to educational institutions in Lodhi Estate of 1 5 Acres of Land to Vidhya Bhawan Educational Co-operative Society and Azad High Schoo and 1.5 acers of land for Vidya Bhawan Mahavedyala and Vidhya Bhawan Educational Co-operative Society in Lodhi Colony

Type Of Document Digitized Document
Keywords H.K Bansal
Department Ministry of Education
Branch H3
From Year / Date
To Year / Date
Date Uploaded (YYYY-MM-DD) 2018-02-21
Organization National Archives of India
Identifier PR_000003041918
File No. MINISTRY of EDUCATION_H3_1954_NA_F-6-44_54
Location Repository II
File Size 4.9
Pages 53
Collection Digitized Public Records
Ministry of Education

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