Publication of the Notification under the Foreigners Ordinance Ext., ending the Ages of Germans and Austrians to be Treated as Prisoners of War to the Maximum Limit of 55 Years in the Case of the Former and 60 Years in the Case of the Latter, also making 17 the Minimum Limit in the Case of Austrians. Correspondence between His Majesty's Government and the American Ambassador on the Subject of a Reciprocal Release of Subjects of the United Kingdom and the German Empire, including Missionaries

Type Of Document Digitized Document
Department Home Political
Branch A
Year / Date (YYYY-MM-DD) 1915-10
Date Uploaded (YYYY-MM-DD) 2018-01-06
Organization National Archives of India
Identifier PR_000003003750
File No. HOME_POLITICAL_A_1915_OCT_275-280
Location Repository II
File Size 2.0
Pages 43
Collection Digitized Public Records
Home Political

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