Khuda Bakhsh Khan Naib Kotwal to the C-in-C. acknowledges Receipt of His Orders. Regrets His In ability to Send the Sahukars (Bankers) Without the Due Permission of This Count.(Dated 8 Muharram Julus 21= 29 august1857)Bears Seal of the Kotwali.

Type Of Document Digitized Document
Department Foreign
Branch Persian
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Date Uploaded (YYYY-MM-DD) 2017-11-10
Organization National Archives of India
Identifier PR_000002384186
Scale 12.5x8
Remarks Mutiny Papers_Box-0015 Collection: 63 Serial Number: 61 Folio: 1
File Size 0.2
Pages 2
Collection Digitized Public Records
'Mutiny' Papers

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