Rejection of the Proposal to Remunerate the Chief Medical Officer, Rajputana, and His Staff for Work in Connection With the Deoli Camp Jail Question of the Appointment of Chief Medical Officer As An Official Visitor of that Jail Payment of Fees to the Victoria Hospital, Ajmer, for Detents from the Deoli Camp Jail Admitted As In-Patients to the Hospital Question of the Continuance of the Special Pay of Rs150/- Granted to the Commissioner, Ajmer-Merwara on Account of Extra Work Imposed on Him in Connection With the Deoli Camp Jail

Type Of Document Digitized Document
Keywords J.M. Sen Gupta
Department Home Political
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To Year / Date
Date Uploaded (YYYY-MM-DD) 2018-11-28
Organization National Archives of India
Identifier PR_000003035280
File No. Home_Political_NA_1935_NA_F-43-3
Location Repository II
File Size 6.5
Pages 63
Collection Digitized Public Records
Home Political

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